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Advancing 3D Technology through
the Power of Chemistry

The Value of Partnership

With decades of R&D dedicated to material development, Mitsubishi Chemical is the ideal partner for developing solutions to the unique and complex challenges of additive manufacturing. Starting from the monomer level, we demonstrate differentiated value across industry verticals by working hand-in-hand with our value chain partners to develop process compliant solutions.

Advancing Technology Beyond Materials

Our experienced chemists and engineers provide advanced product, process and design support. One of our primary value pillars is understanding the unmet needs of our partners and developing customized solutions including material selection, custom compounding, 3D printer optimization,formulation and rapid prototyping for injection molding.

Kaiteki value

We create innovative solutions globally based on our core values of Sustainability, Health and Comfort, striving for the well-being of people, society and our planet Earth—we call it KAITEKI. KAITEKI is both our philosophy and management framework for delivering our sustainable development promises.


Innovation is at our core. We are one of the world’s largest polymeric 3D filament manufacturers with a focus on high (OEM) quality filaments and the development of new innovative materials and services for 3D printing.

“Especially in this time of disruptive change, innovation is the driver of our business growth and our contribution to society”
Larry Meixner

Managing Corporate Executive Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief
Technology Officer - MCHC

Global Reach

The quickly changing additive manufacturing market needs strong global partners with a sustained commitment to the industry. Mitsubishi Chemical is a truly global technology and manufacturing company and our extensive knowledge in Chemical Science, together with our long-term strategy of further investments in technology, position us well to be a lasting partner in additive manufacturing.


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