ALDILA™ has been a world-leading producer of composite golf shafts since 1972. That’s 46 years of developing dozens of shaft brands and manufacturing hundreds of shaft designs — many of which have been played by the world’s best golfers. Golf professionals and aspiring amateurs consistently rely on ALDILA‘s high performance golf shafts. The simple reason – performance. ALDILA™ engineers continually advance and redefine golf shaft technology. ALDILA™ has developed and patented shaft design technologies that offer players of all abilities optimum performance to maximize the potential of their individual swing.

In addition to carbon fiber golf shafts, ALDILA™ also manufactures and sells a premium line of archery products for hunters and target shooters alike – Victory Archery is a leader in innovative arrow design and carbon fiber composite material technology. Their patented designs are constantly revolutionizing the arrow industry, and the company thrives on innovation.

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