AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation Announces Completion of the Sale of Substantially All of its Assets to a Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical America

WILMINGTON, Mass, Feb. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation (OTC: ASNB) (“AdvanSource” or the “Company”), a materials technology company specializing in medical grade polymers for long and short term applications, announced today that on Friday, January 31, 2020, substantially all of its assets were sold to Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers, Inc. (“Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers” or “MCPP”). As previously announced, AdvanSource entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with MCPP, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. and its shareholder, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, to sell substantially all of its assets to Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers for a price of $7.25 million in cash (the “Transaction”).

“The successful completion of this transaction offers our shareholders a meaningful premium,” said Michael Adams, CEO of AdvanSource. “We anticipate issuing a shareholder dividend in the near future.”

The description of the Transaction contained herein is only a summary and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the Asset Purchase Agreement relating to the Transaction, a copy of which was filed by AdvanSource with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) as an exhibit to a Current Report on Form 8-K filed on December 2, 2019.

About AdvanSource

AdvanSource develops advanced polymer materials which provide critical characteristics in the design and development of medical devices. Its biomaterials are used in devices that are designed for treating a broad range of anatomical sites and disease states. Its business model leverages proprietary materials science technology and manufacturing expertise in order to expand product sales and royalty and license fee income.

AdvanSource’s technology, notably products such as ChronoFlex®, HydroMed™, and HydroThane™, have been developed to overcome a wide range of design and functional challenges, such as the need for dimensional stability, ease of manufacture and demanding physical properties to overcoming environmental stress cracking and providing heightened lubricity for ease of insertion. AdvanSource’s new product extensions customize proprietary polymers for specific customer applications in a wide range of device categories.

About Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers

Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers, Inc. is a specialty chemical company and direct subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc., the regional headquarters in North America of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. The Mitsubishi Chemical group of companies operates over 350 affiliates in more than 30 countries, with annual revenue in excess of $24 billion. Leveraging its affiliates’ manufacturing capabilities and expertise in R&D, sales, and marketing, MCPP seeks to innovate in compounding polymerization and polymer modification technologies for the 21st century, with a view towards sustainability practices in a circular economy.

MCPP operates facilities in Bellevue, Ohio, Warren, Michigan, Greer, South Carolina, and Brazil. MCPP’s product portfolio includes: Tefabloc™, Thermorun™, Trexprene™ and Zelas™ thermoplastic elastomers; Modic™ functional polyolefins; Linklon™ cross-linked polyolefins; Olefista™ non-halogenated fire retardant polyolefins; Marfyflo™, Sunprene™, and Vinika™ polyvinylchloride elastomers; and BIOPBS™, DURABIO™, and Forzeas™ bio-sustainable thermoplastic resins.

MCPP’s products and expertise are used in a wide variety of specialized commercial applications in the packaging, construction, wire & cable, consumer, medical, 3d printing, and automotive industries.


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