Brand Name Modifications within Portfolio of High-Performance Thermoplastics

Effective April 1st, 2020, due to the company name change in April 2019, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials will modify its product names formerly branded Quadrant®.

With the change of the company name, a requirement for Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials was to also transition the brand names for Quadrant® branded materials away from this name. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is pleased to announce that they will continue their leadership in the high performance engineering plastics market with the following brand name changes:

Former Quadrant® Brand New Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Brand Polymer Group
Quadrant® PPSU Sultron™ PPSU Polyphenylsulfone
Quadrant® LSG PPSU Sultron™ LSG PPSU Polyphenylsulfone,
Life Science Grade
Quadrant® PSU Sultron™ PSU Polysulfone
Quadrant® LSG PSU Sultron™ LSG PSU Polysulfone, Life Science Grade
Quadrant® PC Altron™ PC Polycarbonate, non-UV-stabilized
Quadrant® LSG PC Altron™ LSG PC Polycarbonate, non-UV-stabilized, Life Science Grade
Quadrant® TPE Flextron™ TPE Thermoplastic Copolyester Polymer
Quadrant® TPU Flextron™ TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Quadrant® TPX Altron™ PMP Polymethylpentene Polyolefin
Quadrant® PPO Altron™ PPO Polyphenyleneoxide
Quadrant® Nylon 101 PA66 Nylatron® 101 PA66 Polyamide 66

The new brand names are compatible with the company’s brand identity and marketing strategy, and are consequent adaptations in the brand strategy following the company name change of our group. The new brand names do not affect the formulations or quality of these materials. This strategic decision supports
our ongoing efforts to align our product tradenames with the corporate standards of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCGH).

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is committed to providing their customers with the best selection of products and services available in the market today. This rebranding will not affect or delay any current or future orders of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials products.**

**Please note that invoicing, packing lists, and other related documents will be updated as of now. Additionally, there will be a transitional period in which inventory and stock items will still have the former brand names.

**Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, formerly Quadrant EPP, was officially named on April 1st, 2019. The Quadrant Group was established in 2001 and acquired by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in 2013.


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