Clean Water and Agricultural Promotion Project in Kenya

Wellthy is working with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on a project to supply clean water to a community of approximately 40 households in Machakos County, Kenya.

Because there is no electricity supply in the community, we installed a slow sand filtration system (a filtration system that uses gravity) that requires no power and only simple maintenance. This system purifies water taken from a nearby canal for use by the local residents. At the same time, we have developed a clean water business model whereby local residents can sell purified water to their neighbors to secure a cash income.

In addition to supplying clean water,  we are focusing efforts on promoting local agriculture. By installing facilities for drip irrigation (in which water is supplied in small amounts only where needed) and reusing activated carbon previously employed in water filtration as a soil conditioner, the project is improving water use efficiency and reducing waste. With an eye to promoting traditional leafy vegetables that offer high added value but are not currently grown in the area as possible cash crops, we aim to help expand the cultivation of cash crops rooted in the area and thereby increase incomes in the community as a whole.

These efforts are helping local residents achieve economic independence and create educational opportunities. Furthermore, through such knock-on efforts as health benefits to local residents of eating highly nutritious traditional vegetables, we are contributing to the world via the supply of water.


Source: Mitsubishi Chemical Sustainability Report 2018

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