Collaboration with the Japan Windsurfing Association on Carbon Fiber Recycling

Conclusion of a sponsorship contract with professional windsurfer Takuma Sugi

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (hereinafter “our group”) has agreed with the Japan Windsurfing Association (hereinafter “JWA”) to jointly promote recycling activities for carbon fiber used in windsurfing equipment. Along with this, we are pleased to inform you that we have concluded a sponsorship contract with Takuma Sugi, who is competing with top-class windsurfers.

With the recent performance improvement of windsurfing equipment, carbon fiber is now being widely used. However, such equipment and components are difficult to repair if they become damaged, so there is no choice but to replace or discard them, which is becoming a significant issue within the industry. In order to improve this situation, we will utilize the recycling technology that our group has cultivated up to now to recover carbon fiber from damaged components and make effective use of resources. In addition, our group and JWA will create applications for recycled carbon fiber products and promote the knowledge gained through these activities to society.

Our group and Mr. Sugi entered into the contract from September 2022. Our group will provide financial support for Mr. Sugi’s participation in competitions and training, and Mr. Sugi will disseminate information on the recycling activities that our group and JWA are working on, as well as provide advice on the use of recycled carbon fiber.

[Profile of Takuma Sugi]
Born in 2002.
Influenced by his parents, he has been windsurfing since childhood.
・Competitive disciplines: “Wave” and “Freestyle”
・Currently competing in the World Cup.
・Main results: “8th Place in the 2022 PWA Cabo Verde Professional Class”  “2021 U-20 World Champion”
He is aiming to enter the top 10 of the annual world rankings.

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