Manufacturer and vertically-integrated supplier of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composites

Who we are:

Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites (MCCFC) is one of the global leaders in carbon fiber manufacturing, with a dedicated focus on responsiveness, quality, and customer support. We are working hard to match the growing global and domestic demand for these advanced materials.

The Carbon Fiber Division of MCCFC has been producing our high-quality Grafil™ product line of standard modulus carbon fibers since 1984 in addition to selling Pyrofil™ and DIALEAD™ products. The composites division of MCCFC, which was formed by four partners in 1978, was founded and continues to be one of the most responsive and reliable partners within the adhesive and prepreg industry.

MCCFC is dedicated to providing advanced materials for the next generation. We are dedicated to responsiveness, quality, and customer support, and are working hard to improve production capacity to help you drive the development of new technology.

Company overview:

Evanston, WY | Irvine, CA | Seattle, WA | Sacramento, CA
Focus Areas
  • PAN-based carbon fiber
  • PITCH-based carbon fiber
  • Carbon Fiber composites
    • Film adhesive
    • Prepreg
    • Towpreg

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