Compostable Materials BioPBS and AZ-1 Adopted for Outer Pouch of SHISEIDO’s Clear Suncare Stick

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masayuki Waga, hereinafter “Mitsubishi Chemical”) and Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yasuo Nagae, hereinafter “Futamura Chemical”) have announced that Mitsubishi Chemical’s biodegradable resin BioPBS and Futamura Chemical’s cellulose film AZ-1 are to be used for the outer pouch SHISEIDO’s stick-type sunscreen Clear Suncare Stick, launched in May 2021.

The Clear Suncare Stick is the first product chosen by Shiseido Company to be packaged in a compostable film pouch. The pouch is comprised of Mitsubishi Chemical’s BioPBS for the inner surface (sealant) as well as the zipper of the pouch, and Futamura Chemical’s AZ-1 film for the outer surface. These two materials are derived from plants and decompose into water and carbon dioxide through microorganisms in nature over time. In addition to the ecological benefits, the high sealing performance, processability, and flexibility of BioPBS, combined with the durability and printability of AZ-1 made this combination an ideal solution for SHISEIDO’s application and environmental requirements.

This packaging innovation is a significant step toward ending plastic waste. As the demand for environmentally-friendly products continue to increase, Mitsubishi Chemical and Futamura Chemical will contribute to building a circular economy society and achieving the SDGs through the development of sustainable products.

  • BioPBS is a plant-derived biodegradable resin developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, which owns the basic patent, and manufactured by PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited, which is a fifty-fifty joint venture between Mitsubishi Chemical and PTT Global Chemical of Thailand. Compared to other biodegradable resins, it shows excellent performance in low temperature heat sealability, heat resistance, and flexibility.
  • AZ-1 is a cellulose film manufactured by Futamura Chemical and made from renewable resources (wood pulp). Originally, it was familiarly known as the name of “cellophane” in Japan and has a wide lineup.


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