Go Off-Grid With This Bright Red Pre-Fab Cabin

In the frigid, remote Russian town of Kandalaksha, Moscow–based BIO Architects have recently achieved an impressive architectural feat with the construction of their latest self-sufficient prefabricated  shelter.

Built to sleep eight, the striking 345-square-foot prefab is the latest example of DublDom, the firm’s series of modular homes that are affordable, customizable, and engineered with precision.

BIO Architects began the process with the standard DublDom modules and selected building materials that followed stringent criteria for durability, energy efficiency, and weight.

Red ALPOLIC aluminum composite panels have been used for the exterior cladding. “Due to combining high-tech materials we managed to halve the weight of the modules,” explains Ivan Ovchinnikov, architect and founder of BIO Architects. “The materials and the coating are calculated to be used at low temperatures and high wind loads.”

The design process lasted approximately one year, after which the construction spanned between three and four months. However, installation took a mere 45 minutes from start to finish.

Completed in April, DublDom in Kandalaksha was created and installed as a gift for the town after resident Aleksandr Trunkovskii won DublDom Place, a 2016 competition that asked fans to submit suggestions for the next DublDom location.

Trunkovskii, a public figure in the local administration, had proposed a site on Mount Volosyanaya where the DublDom could be enjoyed by nature lovers and tourists alike.

Now, DublDom in Kandalaksha is open to the public to rent. The price ranges between $15 and $65 depending on the number of people booked.

Set north of the Arctic Circle, Dubldom in Kandalaksha is perfectly positioned for views of the Northern Lights.

Source: Dwell.com

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