Joint Development of a Sleep Sensor with Health Sensing Ability

MCG Group’s highly sensitive piezoelectric film contributes toward improving the quality of sleep.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) hereby announces that it has developed a sleep sensor that uses its own highly sensitive piezoelectric film as the foundation in collaboration with Health Sensing Co., Ltd (Health Sensing), which possesses technology that analyzes sleep quality from vital information.

The newly developed sleep sensor uses a piezoelectric film with high sensitivity achieved by the MCG Group’s unique film-forming technology and material design technology as the basis for the sensor material. Combining the film with Health Sensing’s technology makes it possible to detect BCG (ballistocardiogram) without contact and without restraint and to estimate PSG (polysomnography) by AI analysis, enabling detection of the quality of sleep and analysis of the balance of the mind and body, which are not possible with conventional bed sensors.

In recent years, the need for health promotion and disease prevention, including pre-symptomatic measures, has increased further. Enhancing the quality of sleep is expected to improve physical constitution and performance, as sleep is closely related to mental and physical conditions. In super-aging societies, which is a social issue in developed countries, sleep sensor are used to simplify health management and reduce the burden of caregivers while care receivers sleep.

The MCG Group aims to promote its products and develop its business by advancing the development of products that respond to such social issues and diversifying customer needs.

The developed product is scheduled to be exhibited at K 2022, Europe’s largest chemical exhibition, to be held in Germany from October 19.

Reference: The Mitsubishi Chemical Group at K 2022: Building a sustainable future together (news release on October 5, 2022)



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