MCA GOLF Expands Diamana™ Fourth Generation with ZF-Series

CARLSBAD, CA –  For the first time ever, Mitsubishi Chemical is adding a fourth profile to their popular Diamana™ Fourth Generation Series. The new Diamana™ ZF builds on the success of the Diamana™ BF and provides the perfect option for players looking to push their distance farther.

Like all of their Diamana™ Fourth Generation Series predecessors, Diamana™ ZF shafts owe their carefully calibrated stiffness and stability to two unique technologies: MR70 carbon fiber material, and Boron fiber.

MR70, used in both the butt and tip sections, is 20% stronger than conventional materials, with a 10% greater modulus (a measure of stiffness). This is bolstered by Boron fiber in the tip section to create the exact EI curve desired.

When compared to Diamana™ BF-Series, the Diamana™ ZF-Series shafts are a moderately stronger and more stable in both the butt and tip ends, with a slightly softer and more active middle for better energy transfer and acceleration. This produces a shaft that is incredibly solid during transition at the top of the swing and through impact, but with smooth speed and a lively feel.

Adding to the excitement around Diamana™ ZF-Series is the inclusion of 40g version, the lightest Fourth Generation Shaft offered to date.

Diamana™ ZF-Series are ideal for any player looking to increase clubhead acceleration while maintaining stability and control through impact.

Diamana™ ZF-Series will be available September, 13 2019 at MCA GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide.

Weights and flexes:
DIAMANA™ ZF-Series 40 (R2, R, S Flex)
DIAMANA™ ZF-Series 50 (R, S, TX Flex)
DIAMANA™ ZF-Series 60 (S, TX Flex)
DIAMANA™ ZF-Series 70 (S, TX Flex)
DIAMANA™ ZF-Series 80 (S, TX Flex)

Mid Launch and Low Spin

Technology Featured:

Specifically designed and developed by Mitsubishi Chemical for high-performance applications, MR70 is an innovative new carbon fiber material that is 20% stronger with a 10% greater modulus than conventional materials.

Boron fiber is equivalent in stiffness to high modulus carbon fiber, but with superior compression strength.  As a result, it is often utilized for structural reinforcement, most notably in military applications. Mitsubishi Chemical uses Boron fiber in combination with other proprietary materials to produce prepreg options that deliver unprecedented strength and stability.

Ion Plating is a process that creates a sophisticated, premium finish that cannot be achieved by a simple paint application. The shafts are placed in a vacuum chamber where chrome or silver alloy ions are fused to the surface, creating a stunning finish that is more than worth the extra time.

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