Mitsubishi Chemical Appoints Industry Insider to Lead its Global Semiconductor Solution Department

TOKYO, March 25, 2021—Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Jewler to its MC Chemical Solutions for Semiconductor (MCSS) team. MCSS provides materials and services to the semiconductor industry. Jewler will lead the MCSS Solution Department in the United States while heading the precision cleaning, surface coating and treatment, and wafer reclaim services business globally. Established in March 2019, MCSS is an industry leader offering a one-stop source for integrated solutions drawn from a global portfolio of semiconductor products and services.

Jewler brings extensive experience to the MCSS team from his work in the outsourced semiconductor assembly and test industry (OSAT), where he held senior executive positions at three of the four largest OSAT companies in the world. He is also the owner of seven U.S. patents in integrated circuit (IC) packaging. IC packaging surrounds the circuit material, ensuring many years of reliable semiconductor use by keeping it protected from the elements and potential stressors.

“MCSS is committed to building strong partnerships with our semiconductor customers. As a one-stop source, we are uniquely equipped to create innovative solutions for our customers based on our global technical expertise and an integrated portfolio of semiconductor products and services. We are excited about the industry experience that Jewler brings to the team,” said Yasuo Shimodaira, division general manager for MCC Advanced Solutions Domain, Information & Electronics Division.


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MC Chemical Solutions for Semiconductor (MCSS) offers an integrated portfolio of products and services for the semiconductor industry. Established in 2019, this team boasts highly collaborative experts based in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.

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