Mitsubishi Chemical Enters into a License Agreement for Chemical Recycling Process with Mura Technology

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Waga) has entered into a license agreement with Mura Technology Limited (Mura; Head office: UK) for the HydroPRS™ raw material manufacturing process that converts plastics into regenerated chemicals and oils.

Striving to realize a circular economy, MCC is continually pursuing methods to convert raw materials to non-fossil based materials and developing technologies for chemical recycling of plastic waste. Based on this license agreement with Mura, MCC is planning to introduce HydroPRS™ to accelerate detailed studies toward the commercialization of chemical recycling for plastic waste.

Shigeru Handa, Chief Operating Officer, Basic Materials Domain, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, said: “This new licence agreement between MCC, Mura Technology and KBR comes at a pivotal time for the natural environment, as we face a plastic pollution crisis. MCC is committed to developing and introducing new and innovative technologies into plastic waste infrastructure and following our research and feasibility study into the HydroPRS™ process, we feel this agreement is an extremely positive step towards our sustainability goals.”

HydroPRS™ is an innovative process that utilizes high-temperature and high-pressure supercritical water to convert plastics into regenerated chemicals and oils. As with conventional direct pyrolysis technology, HydroPRS™ can create a high yield of regenerated oils with the same quality as petroleum-derived raw materials, which allows for implementation into existing facilities without pretreatment. With this process, plastic wastes that were previously incinerated or landfilled can now be chemically recycled. HydroPRS™ enables significant reductions of CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption throughout the plastic life cycle, which will greatly contribute to the realization of a circular economy.

MCC will continue to contribute to the realization of a circular economy by introducing innovative technologies and providing solutions for environmental and social issues.


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