Mitsubishi Chemical launches 5th generation Diamana PD shafts

Mitsubishi Chemical is expanding on the range of options provided by Diamana TB by launching the new Diamana PD shafts designed to allow players to explore a lower-launching profile. The new shafts feature a Consistent Feel Design, which is an engineering approach that aims to minimize any variation in butt OD, weight or balance point through an entire shaft series.  This Consistent Feel Design process seeks to remove any difference a player might feel as they hold a club, thereby removing any distraction when comparing different weights or flexes.

The new PD shafts contain Mitsubishi Chemical’s XLINK Tech Resin System: a unique, dual-phase application that utilizes epoxy and non-epoxy components to produce a carbon-rich structure with a stronger bond between resin and fiber. The cross-linked phases are designed to create both high modulus and high elongation strength, yielding a lighter and universally stronger prepreg.

“Like TB shafts, Diamana PD are designed to maximize the modern dedicated fitting. Players can now see what a lower launching profile could add to their game while eliminating any distracting change in feel as they shift among weights and flexes.” – Mark Gunther, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MCA Golf

The shafts also contain a Boron fiber that is equivalent in stiffness to high modulus carbon fiber, but with superior compression strength. Mitsubishi Chemical uses Boron fiber in combination with other proprietary materials in design to produce prepreg options that deliver unprecedented strength and stability.


Source:  | Golf WRX

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