Mitsubishi Chemical: Message from New President and CEO, Jean-Marc Gilson

Starting April 1st, it will be my honor and pride to join the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group. The company’s reputation, global reach and top tier technology assets were decisive factors in my decision to accept a leadership position at MCHC.

Looking back at 2020, the immediate conclusion is that it has been a tough year for the world, its citizens and its economies. Our company as well, despite its best efforts, has been heavily impacted and has delivered a weak financial performance that is not satisfying for any of us.

Another way to look at last year leads to an interesting observation. Despite all the difficulties, against all odds and contrary to standard development cycles, a handful of new COVID-19 vaccines have started to become available in 2021 from multiple companies and countries. Some of these vaccines are based on brand new technologies never deployed before. The economy is also quickly finding paths to adapt and rebound through new ways of working, shopping, learning and socializing.

Overall, innovations in the works for many years have burst into our daily lives at an amazing speed to assist us in reshaping our daily professional and personal routines. The things we thought to be impossible a year ago such as remote work and generalized e-commerce are now a reality.

Upon review, the companies that are thriving in this environment all share the same characteristics:

  • A simple and clear sense of purpose and strategy understood and embraced by all,
  • A culture of focusing and innovating towards growing markets,
  • A keen sense of quick decision-making, adaptability and calculated risk-taking,
  • A workforce of very engaged and financially responsible employees at every level of the organization.

As a company, we will sharpen the focus of our employees to use their ingenuity, passion, financial acumen and relentless drive for innovation to generate significant value for our stakeholders. This focus will lead to a reassessment of our business portfolio, our priorities and to making some tough decisions. The world and the markets we want to serve and focus on in the future are full of opportunities, and our goal is to turn these opportunities into MCHC Group’s successes.

My goal from day 1 will be to drive MCHC through improved financial performance to be a force in this fast- changing world while also being a source of major value-creation for our stakeholders.

I am looking forward to addressing the challenges ahead.


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