Mitsubishi Chemical to Launch New Grade of ALPOLIC/fr INNER LIGHT™with Deodorant and Antimicrobial Properties

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation(MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Waga) today announced the launch of a new grade of ALPOLIC/fr INNER LIGHT™,a fire retardant(fr) aluminum composite material for interior building materials that offers deodorant and antimicrobial properties.

ALPOLIC™ is a three-layered composite material made by bonding two sheets of aluminum to either side of extruded thermoplastic or mineral-filled, fire-retardant thermoplastic core. The ALPOLIC™product lineup varies widely according to design, workability, and weather resistance properties, and it is used for a broad range of applications. MCC started producing ALPOLIC™and selling it in the1970s. Since then, MCC has maintained Japan’s top share in the ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) market,and also distributed into more than 130 countries around the world as a global ACM leading manufacturer.

In October of this year, MCC launched ALPOLIC/fr INNER LIGHT™, which adopted a newly developed highly fire-retardant core, and successfully reduced the potential heat value per unit volume to one-tenth that of conventional ones. It has earned a high evaluation in the marketplace. The coating film on the aluminum alloy surface of the newly launched ALPOLIC/fr INNER LIGHT™now offers deodorant and antimicrobial properties and absorbs malodorous substances*1such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, components of odors such as feces, garbage, and smell of cigarettesand tobacco. It also has antimicrobial properties that resistst aphylococcus aureus and colon bacillus, which cause food poisoning and diarrhea, and MCC plans to acquire the SIAA mark*2for the product in the future. MCC added ALPOLIC/fr INNER LIGHT™ to its lineup of interior building materials, and positioned restaurants and public bathrooms thatr equire separate smoking areas, hospitals, welfare facilities and nursing homes, or kitchens at restaurants and homes as the optimal applications, with the aim of expanding sales in an even broader range of fields.

ALPOLIC/fr INNER LIGHT™with deodorant and antimicrobial properties can be produced by pre-coating as part of the production process and reduce costs by eliminating the need to apply coatings with deodorant/antimicrobial properties in a subsequent process or att he construction site. In addition, the aluminum alloy surface gives a superior metallic-tone appearance and can reduce risks such as cracking and scattering of broken pieces.

(This product may not be supplied to the country that has own biocide regulation.)

*1It is not effective againstall odors.

*2Antimicrobial symbol mark established by The Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA)

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