Mitsubishi MMT Iron Shaft Review

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A composite shaft of graphite and steel, the MMT Iron from Mitsubishi Chemical provides consistent performance and a responsive feel.  Terrific clean look.


For over three decades, Mitsubishi Chemical, better known in the golf sphere as MCA, has been at the forefront of implementing new materials and technologies into their golf shafts.  So when I see new products like the MMT Irons series announced by MCA, my interest is piqued.

MMT stands for Metal Mesh Technology – the integration of metal mesh in the layers of prepreg towards the tip of the shaft.  Prepreg, for you non chemical engineers, is tech talk for resin reinforced fabric pre-impregnated with carbon fibers.  Let’s move on from the classroom.


It took me a while to notice the stacked ‘MMT’ integrated into the graphics.  Another subtlety is the ‘TYPE-304SS’ in glossy black that mystically appears when the light catches it just right.  The tiny grey dots remind me of equalizer screen patterns.  The matte black finish and understated graphics on the MMT shafts should pair well with most grips, but looks particularly sharp with my grey Golf Pride MCC Plus4s.


The MMT Iron shafts have a wonderful overall feel that invokes confidence.  During slower, warm up type air swings, the shaft had a balanced, solid feel.  When I cranked up the speed, a stiffer buttrevealed itself.

Adding a ball into the mix, the tip section with its 304 stainless mesh felt stable with a low kick point.  Although sections of the MMT shaft have some distinct feel attributes, there’s a harmonious flow that’s very pleasing.


Before getting into the specifics of performance, I want to clarify that this is a review of the parallel tip MMT Iron shafts, not the MMT Taper Irons.  That’s important because the different models have different launch and spin profiles.  The MMT Irons are designated mid launch and mid spin.  The MMT Taper Irons are designated mid/low launch and mid/low spin.

My test results with the MMTs showed very consistent ball flights.  Dispersion was fairly tight with repeatable distances.  The consistent distance made the trajectory graphic on Trackman look really impressive with lines that blurred together.  Both launch and spin were on the plus side of mid – fitting that ideal performance zone for my swing.


My instinctive positive reaction upon learning about a new MCA shaft was right on target.  The MMT Iron shafts have a distinctive feel that’s reflective of strong performance.  The Metal Mesh Technology provides stability without sacrificing responsiveness.  Consistency across the performance spectrum.  The parallel tip MMT Iron shafts are perfect for the golfer who may need a little help getting the ball in the air.

Source: Plugged-in Golf, Matt Meeker
Photo Credit: Plugged-in Golf

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