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Reactive MMA


Acrysirup™ is a reactive liquid resin system that consists of methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer with acrylic polymers that have been optimized for road marking. Harderners and catalysts are added when the system is applied, then curing by radical polymerization. Because Acrysirup™ contains multifunctional monomers, the cured coatings are very durable and have an excellent physical performance.


Building & Construction
Infrastructure | Transportation

Material Characteristics

Rapid curing - hardens in 30-60 minutes
Cures at low temperatures
Excellent chemical resistance to organic and inorganic acids as well as alkalis
Excellent physical properties
High compression resistance
High impact fracture resistance
High abrasion resistance and flexibility
Resistance to cracking.
Superior weatherability; Excellent light exposure properties
Good adhesion to concretes and asphalt substrates

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