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Synthetic Wax


DIACARNA™ is a synthetic wax copolymer of α-olefin and maleic anhydride. It serves a wide variety of applications including use as resin molding lubricants, mold release agents, compatibility agents, binders for thermal-printing inks and more. Due to the polar maleic anhydride group, DIACARNA's dispersibility is superior to that of natural wax or other synthetic waxes. This specialty synthetic has outstanding resistance to thermal degradation, which makes it especially well-suited for high temperature applications such as engineering plastic processing. Having both a non-polar (α-olefin) structure and a polar (maleic anhydride) structure, DIACARNA™ is also useful as a compatibility accelerator to facilitate the mixing of non-polar and polar species.


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DIACARNA Synthetic Wax Adhesive

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Synthetic Wax Additive


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