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Epoxy Resin


jER™ epoxy resins are high-performance, multipurpose thermosetting resins that includes a reactive epoxy group at the end that offer tremendous material propertity adaptation freedom. jER™ resins feature a low coefficient of thermal expansion as well as low shrinkage at curing. The dimensional stability as well as chemical, heat and moisture resistance offer a wide range of applications and excellent adhesion to metal, porcelain, concrete and more. By adding various modifying agents such as fillers, flexibility agents and diluents, customers can attain specific application requirements, making jER™ epoxy resins ideal for a wide variety of applications.


Energy Production and Storage
Food & Beverage
Inks, Coatings & Adhesives
IT & Electronics
Medical / Health
Packaging, Labeling & Printing

Material Characteristics

Small curing shrinkage
Excellent adhesion to metal, porcelain, concrete, and more
High mechanical strength
Excellent as an electrical insulator
Excellent flexibility
Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
Excellent chemical, heat and moisture (water) resistance
Excellent dimensional stability

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