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Acrysol LP Resin


The Mitsubishi DIANAL™ LP series acrylic resin powders from Mitsubishi Chemical have a proprietary formulation that is ideal for production of plastisols. This halogen-free high performance series provides exceptional thermal properties. The unique core-shell technology enables multiple material properties within a singular structure. These environmentally-friendly materials have fast dissolution that makes them ideal for many applications including textiles, wallpaper and artificial leather. In the automotive industry, these resins are used in under body coatings as well as body sealers.


Building & Construction
Inks, Coatings & Adhesives
Recreation & Household

Products Downloads

DIANAL LP-3106 Automotive

Acrylic Resin Powder for Automotive Applications

DIANAL LP-Textile_Ink

Acrylic Resin For Plastisol Ink

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