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Sol-Rite™ Formulated Electrolytes


Sol-Rite™ electrolytes are ionic conductive solutions that are important components for smoothly charging and discharging lithium-ion batteries and for suppressing battery degradation. These formulated electrolytes in organic solvents are used in lithium-ion batteries and lithium primary batteries, as well as for capacitors, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Mitsubishi Chemical incorporates technical expertise and patented technologies to control the solid electrolyte interface on the cathode and anode. The Sol-Rite™ formulation mainly consists of organic solvents such as ethylene carbonate, and lithium salt electrolytes such as LiPF6. It also includes functional additives to significantly improve battery performance, power output, and lifetime, as well as electrode interface control and prevention of overcharging to improve safety.  



Material Characteristics

High Power | Sol-Rite™ provides high power output, even under low temperature conditions.
Safety | Sol-Rite™ improves the safety under high temperature conditions.
High Voltage | The functional additives in Sol-Rite™ protect electrodes to suppress the gas generation under high voltage conditions. Furthermore, the battery capacity is retained at high level under high voltage conditions.
High Durability | The functional additives in Sol-Rite™ controls side reactions on the electrode and improve cycle performance. The additives indicate distinguished effects in the cycle test especially under high voltage conditions.


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