The Pinnacle of Hunting Arrow Technology

The bow and arrow continue to remain the oldest weapon system still in use that the human race has ever produced. What happens when you combine that legacy of tradition and history with the most innovative and groundbreaking technology? The VAP-SS™ from Victory Archery®. The VAP-SS is the perfect blend of engineering and design. When it comes to your quest for the ultimate modern hunting arrow there is no comparison.

The demands placed on modern hunting arrows are high. Thanks to the incredible capabilities of modern hunting bows, there has never been more torque and more energy thrust into hunting arrows and there has also never been a higher standard for accuracy and performance. The perfect hunting arrow is both strong and thin. It’s deadly accurate and reliable shot after shot. It flies fast and hits with bone crushing penetration. The perfect hunting arrow is the VAP-SS from Victory Archery.

The VAP-SS is the pinnacle of hunting arrow performance. Maintaining massive amounts of momentum down range and hard hitting kinetic energy upon impact, the VAP-SS is a true revolution in hunting arrow performance. It features a .166 micro diameter shaft for maximum penetration and minimum wind interference. 100% hand fletched from the factory, it blends the custom craft of a pro shop built arrow with the latest in digital spine alignment technology for superior consistency and grouping. Woven stainless steel mesh is infused with layers of the highest quality Mitsubishi carbon fiber and is finished with a proprietary 90° carbon fiber weave for added hoop strength. This produces the strongest carbon-metal hybrid arrow the world has ever seen and the first steel-carbon infused shaft ever made. When you want the solid performance of a metal infused arrow, and you want something that isn’t susceptible to bending like aluminum carbon hybrids, trust the infusion process patented by the Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery. No exceptions.

The VAP SS features include Victory’s proprietary Ice Nano Ceramic Coating for improved penetration and easy removal from targets. As if that’s not enough, each VAP SS arrow includes a 50GR Shok™ TL Aluminum insert (75 gr Stainless steel upgrade available) for improved concentricity and durability shot after shot. Each set of VAP SS arrows is hand selected into matched batch weights within a ±0.5gr and offered in a ±0.001,” ±.003,” or ±0.006” straightness giving you the industry’s best tolerances and tightest shot groups you’ll ever put through your hunting bow.

About Victory Archery

Victory Archery is comprised of a team of archers, aerospace engineers, hunters and target shooters who wanted to meld technology and innovation together to create cutting edge arrows. Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world with prepreg plants distributed across the United States. This vertical integration gives Victory engineers direct access to the highest grade carbon fiber materials technology available and provides the infrastructure to allow for true innovation. It also leads to precise quality control of the arrows from start to finish, yielding unparalleled straightness, consistency and durability. Don’t settle for an arrow that is going to bend after shooting it. Trust the undisputed Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery on your next hunt and see for yourself why the VAP-SS arrows are in a league of their own.


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