Start of Trial Operation of Compostable Garbage Bags in OOTEMORI, Tokyo

~Compost Garbage as it is in the Bag~

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

NTT Business Solutions Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Waga) and NTT Business Solutions Corporation (NTT Business Solutions; Head office: Osaka-shi, Osaka; President: Ichiro Uehara) have announced that MCC and NTT Business Solutions started a trial operation of a system for composting garbage as it is in the garbage bag at 19 restaurants and food stores in the commercial facility “OOTEMORI” (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) operated by Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.


1. Background

In recent years, due to heightened environmental awareness, attention has been focused on composting equipment for garbage, but in the case of ordinary garbage bags (made of polyethylene), users need to take the garbage out of the bag and then put it in the compost machine. In addition, general compostable garbage bags have the problem that their decomposition rate is extremely slow unless they are in a high-temperature environment.

To solve these issues, MCC has made full use of its compound technology※1 cultivated over many years to develop a new grade of biodegradable resin compound FORZEAS™ that can decompose in a short time※2 even in composting equipment under a room temperature environment. In addition, NTT Business Solutions has optimized the operating conditions of the compost machine “FOURSTARS” in accordance with said grade. As a result, MCC and NTT Business Solutions decided to carry out a trial operation to establish a system in which garbage can be put into the machine as it is in the bag and composted.

※1 Technology that mixes raw resins with additives or other resins to produce resins with enhanced functionality.

※2 Expected to decompose in a few days


2. Outline of the trial operation

From January 21st this year, 19 restaurants and food stores in “OOTEMORI” started the trial operation of collecting and composting garbage using FORZEAS™ bags. Garbage from restaurants is put into the FOURSTARS machine installed in the building as it is in bags. The primary fermented product produced is then composted at a recycling center and evaluated for quality.

Trial Operation of Compostable Garbage Bags in OOTEMORI

Garbage that contains a lot of water requires a lot of energy when incinerated. Composting garbage will lead to a reduction in energy consumption and, in turn, a reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, utilizing the produced compost for cultivating vegetables, etc., will realize the circulation of garbage as a resource.


3. Future efforts

MCC and NTT Business Solutions have combined the technologies of each company to create an environment where users can comfortably compost their garbage. In future, MCC and NTT Business Solutions will continue to actively promote the construction of a recycling-based system in collaboration with various companies and local governments, aiming to realize a circular economy.


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