Victory Archery Partners with Heartland Bowhunter

Victory Archery and Heartland Bowhunter have teamed up again to produce some of the best quality bowhunting footage in the industry. Hoping to build on past successes and continue pushing the envelope for quality production and high standard hunting, Heartland Bowhunter will proudly be shooting arrows from Victory Archery during the upcoming hunting season.

Devin O’Dea, Marketing Manager at Victory Archery puts it this way, “Here at Victory Archery we’re all about pushing the limits and pushing our capabilities every day. That’s a sentiment that aligns well with the guys at Heartland Bowhunter. If you’ve paid any attention to their team you know they’re serious about hunting, they’re no strangers to hard work, and they have some of the highest standards in the industry. It’s a very cohesive partnership between their team and ours.”

About Heartland Bowhunter

With quality at the forefront of everything they do, Heartland Bowhunter has humble beginnings. Introducing a high performing camera arm over 10 years ago, Heartland Bowhunter has worked relentlessly to develop high quality products, both for other hunters and as hunters themselves. Now entering their 13th season, Heartland Bowhunter the TV show has one of the most loyal fan bases of any show in the outdoor space. Will luck be on their side for season 13? We’ll find out, but with Victory Archery in their corner, the crew at Heartland Bowhunter will definitely be putting the odds in their favor.

About Victory Archery

Victory Archery is comprised of a team of archers, aerospace engineers, hunters and target shooters who have sought to meld technology and innovation together to create the most cutting-edge arrows available today. Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America, is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world with facilities distributed across the United States. This vertical integration gives Victory engineers direct access to the highest-grade carbon fiber materials technology available and provides the infrastructure to allow for true innovation. It also leads to the industry’s highest standards and precise quality control of the arrows from start to finish, yielding unparalleled straightness, consistency and durability. Don’t settle for less. Trust the undisputed Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery and see the results for yourself.

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