Global leader in electrolyte, battery materials for electric cars and beyond

Who we are:

Mitsubishi Chemical America’s Battery Materials Group is the world leader in electrolyte battery materials for electric cars and beyond. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the Battery Materials Group is a fully integrated company for Sol-Rite™ formulated electrolytes used for lithium-ion batteries. Unique formulations are designed to meet customer needs and optimize battery performance. The Sol-Rite™ electrolyte formulation mainly consists of organic solvents such as ethylene carbonate and lithium salt electrolytes such as LiPF6. In addition, patented technologies and know-how are incorporated into the formulations to control the solid electrolyte interface on the cathode and anode.

Company overview:

Memphis, TN
Focus Areas

Production & Sales of Formulated Electrolyte (Licensed by MCC) for EV battery

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